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HydrO2 Facials

These facial tutorials below will help you figure out how you can book your own HydrO2 Facial today, by scrolling through the slideshows below you will find a review based on the procedure in which the person has received and a fact page. If you feel unsure about anything please do feel free to contact the people below.

aalam@yourkayaa.co.uk or sirtaaj@yourkayaa.co.uk

07730533559 or 07593289402

Tutorial 1

Tutorial 2

HydrO2 Facial - £125.00

  •  Single Treatment - £125
  • Course of 6 - £625
  • Course of 10 - £1000

The Ultimate Five star facial - This five star facial provides the complete facial solution to target an array of universal skin concerns including dehydration, skin-ageing , loose skin, dull complexion, and congestion.

By utilizing seven different advanced technologies, we can offer more perspective, versatile and rounded facials then ever before.

These technologies smooth, hydrate and cleansing skin resulting in a glowing, more youthful appearance. 

  • Hydro peel/deep cleanse
  •  Exfoliation 
  • Oxygenation
  • Skin lifting 
  • Hydration 
  • Fire and ice facial

HydrO2 Facial with a Booster

  • Single treatment - £175
  • Course of 6 - £875
  • Course of 10 - £1400